Shivani Recinto: The Story Behind Their Body Art

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A person only has one first impression. This does not mean that the person is who they seem to be. The story behind their body art shows their personality and who they are. What led them to choose the outfit they are wearing or why they chose to dye their hair also factors into this. A person is also defined by what they say but especially by what they have permanently on their body. My friend Shivani Recinto has many things that are defined as body art. Shivani has multiple piercings and a tattoo that define her past, expresses her fashion and her passions in life. I analyzed my friend Shvani Recinto on April third who attends Indiana University with me, in her room in the McNutt quadrangle. She is 18 years old and has had piercings her…show more content…
There is artistry in pericing because you choose where to put a piece of metal and what this metal looks like. With shivani she goes with simple studs and hoops. This allows her to dress all different styles without her piercings clashing. Rather they compliment her outfit or look that she is going for that day. Such as a more classy look or a more casual look, the piercings are never to much for her style. The placement of each piercing also helps the style she strives for because the piercings are either on her ears or hidden, except her nose piercing. The placement allows her to also control another aspect of her appearance. Her tattoo has artistry because it was done by an artist. Her and the artist worked together to figure out the size and appearance and every detail of the tattoo, since it is permanent she wanted it perfect. This even allows shivani to has some say in the artistry of her tattoo. The tattoo is a piece of art that is on her skin permanently. It allows her to express herself but it also allows the tattoo artist to express themselves through the process and technique they use for the tattoos. Tattoos have not only a message from the person its done on but also from the person who did the

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