Shlumberger Case Study

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Corporate Social Responsibilities for Schlumberger Company
Executive summary
Schlumberger is amongst the leading company in the oil field sector. The organization brand was born from its commitment to excellence and the promise of delivering the best performance in various places of the world. Corporate social responsible is mainly focused on the issues that affect the globe. The company through best practices and leadership anticipates in making a difference in six core areas such as the change in climate, environment, prevention of diseases and education. The paper shall describe the ethical standards, environmental stewardship, Human resource stewardship and community service and impact standards in Schlumberger
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Schlumberger is often subjected to stringent regulations and laws especially in relation to the use of radioactive, hazardous, explosive materials. The organization incurs operating costs so as to comply wth the environmental regulations and laws. The company uses and generate hazardous wastes and substance through its function. The laws and regulations technical requirement are increasingly becoming stringent, complex and costly to implement (Schlumberger Limited 15). As a result, the company has realized that sustaining economic development while at the same time conserving the natural resources is a pressing issue. The company is fully committed towards environmental conservation and understands that upholding high behavior standard is integral to meeting those objectives. Schlumberger has invested in both scientific knowledge and technical expertise to assist its customers achieves the technical goals while similarly minimizing the environmental footprint. For instance through the use of a technique named as Schlumberger HiWAY flow channel fracturing method ensures that it uses forty percent less propane and twenty-five percent less water when compared to the traditional stimulation methods of treatment (Schlumberger web). The HiWAY method since its inception has assisted in conserving more than one billion water gallons.…show more content…
The company has opted to concentrate on social development and education. The company’s education portfolio is concentrated in health, safety and science education. The company has 3 core worldwide programs.
a. SEED (Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development) This is not for profit program which bring technology and science programs to the societies through which the company functions. This initiative utilizes 4 core approaches including training workshop, hand on learning tools, science website, technology grants (Web Schlumberger). This initiative depends on the volunteers, workforces and the educators so as to leverage their technology, science and math expertise while at the same time encouraging the learning in looking at worldwide issues such as safety, health, energy, water and change in climate.
b. HSE for Youth
This program was started in the year 2008 and is enabled by the workshops that are guided by trained individuals including the company’s employees and their spouses. The program empowers the youths in making a responsible decision regarding their safety, health and issues related to the environment (Web Schlumberger). It reaches out to the youths between eight to 18
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