Shocking Plague: The Black Death

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The Black Death was one of the most shocking plagues ever to exist. It caused the deaths of approximately 75 to 200 million people, and was at its most devastating between 1346 and 1353. This highly contagious disease started with bacteria called Yersinia pestis. Yersinia pestis is mostly discovered in rodents, especially rats, and in the fleas that forage on them. Contact with other humans and fleabites spread the Black Death. The Black Death changed society in three significant ways. These were Religion, Medical Science and the Feudal System.

The Black Death had a shocking impact on Religion. The pandemic was devastating, but perhaps that was because doctors knew so little about the Black Death. During the Black Death religion was considered
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The fighting began because of aroused suspicion. The two main religions at the time were Christian and Muslim. The two religions were suspicious of one another mainly because of the Crusades, and the persistence of the Spanish Christians that led to the recapture of Spain from Muslim control. Due to the fact that both Christians and Muslims saw disease as a way of God punishing them, the individuals of both religions accused the other of being the cause of the Black Death when it destroyed their people. As well as all this, the Jews were being tortured. The Christians also accused them of being the cause of the Black Death and would torment them until they admitted to bad deeds. Christians would take whole cities of Jews and burn them at the stake.

People’s belief was not as strong after the Black Death, because religion failed to cure the destructive illness.

The appearance of black or purple blotches on the skin is thought to be the origin of the name ‘Black Death’.

Medical Science was drastically altered because of the Black Death. During the Black Death people had varied opinions on how to treat the illness. Draining the blood from the body and herbal medicines were popular forms of treatment. Some patients would even have amputations in an attempt to get rid of the
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