Shoe Box Maze Experiment

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Shoe box maze experiment Cristian Montoya Botany Plants Introduction: Are plants able to follow the sunlight through a maze? “it is an easy and fun experiment that shows how it affects the phototropism on a plant by making it complete your own maze” (Plants for Kids). By creating a maze, people learn about phototropism effects. The important part of the project is that the plant should grow tours the sunlight. The independent variable in this project would be the seed because it is the material being changed. The dependent variable is water because the plant needs water to grow. The control is the shoe-box because it is a constant and unchanging standard of comparison in the project. The project is currently which means…show more content…
When starting the experiment make sure to plant the seed first and let it grow outside the box for a while. After that then starts making the maze. To make the maze it is required to use a shoebox because it opens and closes. With the extra cardboard start by cutting down to size the cardboard then tape it inside the shoebox to create a maze for the plant to go through. At the top of the shoebox cut out a whole for the sunlight can come in through that will make the plant make it’s way to the top. At the end the person doing the experiment will see the effect of phototropism by creating the maze in a prefered way. Results: The results for the project are that In week one the plant has not been growing, it is currently out of the shoebox because, maybe it will grow better outside than inside the box. After another week the plant was put back in its box. The plants is continuing to grow and it will reach the top because of the way is growing. it was expected to grow faster but it didn’t so it will have to wait until more data is
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