Shoe Crab Research Paper

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The Atlantic Horseshoe Crab is an amazing a unique animal. Despite it 's name it not really a crab. It is actualy more colsly related to spiders, ticks and scorpians. It is in the Animalia kingdom and is in the Arthropoda phylum. It 's most common name is the Horseshoe Crab but it 's scientific name is Limulus polyphemus. The Horseshoe Crab is not just found in Cape Cod, it is also found along the northern Atlantic coast and up the Gulf of Mexico. The horseshoe crab looks very round, it also has 2 eyes and 10 legs. It 's shell has raised bumps and it 's sides have spikes. Females can be from 18-19 inches from head to tail, while the males can be 14-15 inches. It’s ectothermic so that means that it can create it own body heat.The Horseshoe
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