Shoe Narrative Essay

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Shoe Narrative It was a calm peaceful drive to work for this morning. The leaves on the trees were almost all gone, although a few still held onto their orange and yellow covering. The late fall atmosphere also allowed me to see the beautiful golden sunrise every morning while driving to the hospital for work. I was running a little late today because of a slow start, but everyone at the hospital knows when they are working with me, they will not start on time. Many times people comment on my late arrivals and say that they are always on time even with kids to raise, but I simply comment on how I am glad my children are away in college.
My son has been in college now for three years, and daughter now out of college but in medical school
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Looking down the path I could see the trail twist and curve around towering cliffs with fiery colored trees on the edges, with their roots exposed on the cliff holding the tree from toppling off the side. Navigating down the steep slope, I reached the bottom of a deep ravine with a stream and a narrow bridge running across it. I trekked across the old wooden bridge and looked into the clear, clean, and cold running water that flowed into a short cascading waterfall. Once done staring into the rocky stream, I continued along the flat forested path of the ravine until coming to a steep uphill section of the path. In past hiking trips I climbed much rockier and challenging terrain, so I didn’t think much of hiking this stretch of the hike. Climbing up the rocky slope, I was distracted by surrounding forests and mountain ranges I could see from the open trail on the side of the mountain. Then it happened. The next step I took I was tumbling down the side off the trail. As I stepped up, the loose rock I planted my foot on lost its place in ground and came tumbling down with
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