Shoeless Joe Jackson: A Historical Figure

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“God knows I gave my best in baseball at all times and no man on earth can truthfully judge me otherwise” (Jackson, 1). In this quote, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson is trying to convey that even though he was raised illiterate, he still tried his absolute best at life here on Earth, and that no one can judge him for that reason. This quote relates to the overall thesis because it helps prove that a person does not have to be literate in order to become an important historical figure. Overall, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson was an important political figure of 1920s American History because he was able to prove how he could overcome any obstacle, and he could still become a historical figure, even though he was illiterate his entire lifetime. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson was born on July 16th, 1887, in Pickens County (Brandon Mills), South Carolina. He was born into a family in poverty, as his parents were poor and his family did not own much money. “Shoeless” Joe…show more content…
It had rocked the public’s confidence in the well-known idolized sports players. Now in professional baseball, no players are allowed to speak of the scandal, and if they know information about the scandal, they are not allowed to share that information with any of their team members. Joe was very talented. His skilled abilities are what helped sky-rocket his career as a professional baseball player at such a young age. His story has inspired many kids across the United States, that at a young age, everyone has a special talent, and anyone can achieve anything if they put their heart and soul into it and they give it their absolute best. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson is definitely someone to look up to, because he inspired many American’s to follow their dreams. He also taught America a very valuable lesson- to not gamble on anything, or it could get somebody in heaps of

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