Shohiro World Character Analysis

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Shohiro World Explanation. Shohiro is a world that Jessica created to make her world of imagination more fun and better. It's a small world that only contains a small amount of people. The three3 main people are the leaders of the Shohiro world. The first leader is Brain, the person that have more control over the Shohiro world and keep things in stable. Hes can be rude, mean, and careless, but he's being more nicer than usual now. First character made/use to be imaginary friend. The second leader is Shohiro. Shohiro is named after the world, Eeven though she’s named after world, she is not first leader over how not serious she is as a person. Shohiro is basically me but i started to make her separate from me. Shohiro+Brain=love. Temari and Izak is 13 year old…show more content…
“Why won't we do something at Shohiro world there's a beach why won't we enjoy the day time in Shohiro world.” Katsuragi said with a surprising smile on his face. “I'm guessing he had a good walk.” Shohiro whispers without knowing how to whisper. Temari walks in (Shohiro little sister) “I would like to go to the beachhh!!” Temari said. (I have to say this but I think that Temari is more mature than her own big sister. Shame on Shohiro) “Sure I think that's a cool idea, I should tell the rest of the gang to come too.” Shohiro says. More Characters: Blue: Kind and quiet sometimes. He's a great singer and a very calm and chilling person. Alex(boy): He loves rock and metal music. He's really energetic, sneaky,cranky and can even bounce off walls! Shohiro walks to cafeteria “Hoy, Blue!” “Hey Shohiro!” Blue said while sitting down in rocking chair reading book. “Have you seen Alex around?” Shohiro said while thinking were he could be. “No I haven't seen him.” Brain said looking
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