Shoot For What You Want Not What They Want Analysis

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The well known and thought by many to be the best runner in the world Usain Bolt once said ,”Shoot for what you want, not what they want.” Usain Knows what he 's talking about. He has ran in the Olympics and received gold medals many times. He had no one that told him to shoot high. He learned this himself and applied it to full effect. People should always set their mark as high as they want because it feels good to work hard, there is beauty in trying, and if one shoots high and misses no one can say anything bad about them. To introduce, it feels good to work hard no one should change their goals for others. Those who work hard to achieve their goals will be rewarded for their efforts with results. With results comes growth not only toward their goal, but as a person. Failure is not the worst thing that has ever happened. Failing first before achieving something makes it that much greater. There is nothing better than achieving something highly sought after.…show more content…
Knowing that you have given one hundred percent is a feeling like no other. After giving it one hundred percent and falling just short, there is nothing to do but brush the dust off. Being brave in the face of opposition is the most admirable thing one can learn to do. Giving one hundred percent, failing, and being able to brush the dust off will make a much stronger person than those that chose to throw in the towel or that just stayed home. Also,some people may think that everyone should aim low because the goal will be easier. However, this claim is invalid because nothing good will from achieving an easy goal. In fact the negatives of achieving an easy goal are more numerous than most people would think. If one shoots low the first time and achieves their goal they are much more likely to shoot even lower the next time. This is a vicious cycle that will continue to become

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