Shoot Me In The Heart Analysis

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Another great year for Korean cinema, with its growth, both financially and artistically, currently being witnessed globally, since Korean films are getting screened and distributed in a large number of festivals and countries around the world, netting a plethora of awards and grossing enormous sums. Three titles included here made the top ten list of the highest-grossing films in the country, earning the second, the third and the seventh position in the table, in a trend that also showed that local productions are presently holding the interest of the Koreans, instead of Hollywood productions, as is the rule in other Asian countries. Due to the delay of some of the titles 's screening the west, the list took liberty of incorporating "Ode to my Father", that was…show more content…
Shoot Me in the Heart (Mun Che Yong) Based on the homonymous, awarded novel by Jeong Yu Jeong, "Shoot me in the Heart" is set at a psychiatric hospital and tells the story of two, quite opposite characters who end up there for radically different reasons, but end up being best friends. Soo Myung has been institutionalized since he was nineteen due to a traumatic experience he had at the time and is in fear of scissors. Seung Min, is a son of a very rich family, but used to have pyromaniac tendencies as a teenager. However, that is not the actual reason he is held at the hospital. The two of them strike a peculiar friendship, among gleeful and violent nurses and a number of patients including one who uses the rest as horses, an alcoholic who wants to become a social worker and one who seems to know everything about the institution. Mun Che Yong directed a very violent movie, chiefly due to the frequency of brutal scenes rather than their depiction. The comedy and the drama appear in equal proportion, as is the case with the various flashbacks that slowly disclose the true story of the two patients, in a n evident though successful attempt to entail as many Korean favorite themes and
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