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I know how to shoot the moon. Whether in a game of hearts with my family or my approach to life in general, I have always taken control of my cards. To shoot the moon, you must be willing to assume a high risk, high reward situation. Not everyone is able to shoot the moon; to do so, you have to face the very real and scary possibility of failure. But in a game of cards and in life, when you are dealt your cards, you must weigh your options, and you must make a decision. When it comes to my life, when faced with situations I weigh the pros and cons, and invariably decide to shoot the moon.
I accept that once in a while, I will be dealt an unlucky or even cruel hand. Instead of just giving up and passing on the round, I go all in, and try to find a solution to my problem. Even if I’m given a hand that looks bad at first glance, I always carefully examine all of my options, because time and experience have taught me there is always an opportunity to shoot the
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Absolutely not. However, I do know that when the cards aren 't going my way, if I maintain a positive attitude, sooner or later my luck will change. When it does I have learned to be grateful, and to capitalize on every great opportunity. What I know is that in any aspect of my life, optimism can always be counted on to be my most valuable friend. For example, I have taught myself, through numerous years of practice, the frustrating game of golf, which proves to me again and again that I must always stay optimistic and keep a positive attitude or I will never improve. You stay upbeat when you are having an off day, and you enjoy the days when you play well. You take the bad along with the good. In golf and school alike, I love taking on the challenges that come my way because I know that if I don’t give up and hold onto my sense of optimism, my persistence and consistent effort will sooner or later pay
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