Shooter Reading Response

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Shooter Reading Response
By: Mandy

As a person, you have many different personality traits. For example, a pessimistic, lazy, mean, selfish, and messy/unorganized person is how I would describe myself. In the book “Shooter”, there are many different characters who possess and show some very different traits throughout the book. I can relate to a few of them in many different ways, from being antisocial and awkward like Xander, as he tends to act extremely uncomfortable around people, to acting like a bully as Izzy does to people, I feel like my personality is very similar to some of the characters in the book.

First off, I can definitely relate to Izzy. I know this might sound very strange, but I can. Not in terms of academics, but in different
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Hogan, even though he appears tough on the outside, he unquestionably has a soft and sweet side. It is clear that he is sweet because he cares for the people around him. In the bathroom, Noah began to have a outburst, when Alice couldn’t handle it and he threw Alice to the ground, Hogan immediately took charge. He jumped onto Noah and tried to stop his outburst, to my surprise, it actually worked! Another kind act that Hogan does is he goes out to look for Alice after she decided to go out and look for her autistic brother and him helping Alice after she was attacked by her brother. It shows that Hogan cares for his surroundings and the people he is impacted by. He also shows he has strength when he ripped off a stall door to make up for the one he kicked open when trying to get back into the bathroom. The same kinda applies to me. When I was in my younger elementary youth years, I was viewed as the tomboyish girl. When there was a bottle that needed opening, I would be the person my classmates ran to. When something or someone would hurt me, I would fight through my pain and I guess that showed I was tough. But as I grew older into my teenage years, it has shaped me into a person. I am now more sensitive than before. Very sad and emotional things that cause me pain will cause me to cry. I am now also not as strong as the guys in my grade. I guess that’s what puberty does to you! I can also relate to Hogan because it is…show more content…
We’re all losers who are lonely for life and are immensely literal. Xander is a loser by: doing social autopsies, learning everyday manners and skills, and by carrying around his old and bulky camera~ “Tank”. He is a man of his word and is unafraid to speak the truth, he even asked Hogan if he killed his brother. Equal strangeness is relevant to Alice. She is giving up her future to look after her brother, eats lunch with Noah and Kim or alone in the cafeteria, and dares to call Izzy “ego-centric” and Hogan “a bad vibe”. Now myself, I am a loser with no friends, a loner, eating twice my weight everyday, and a try-hard. I speak whatever is on my mind without even giving the phrase a thought. I have said some very mean things over the past and I really regret it.

As you can see, I have a little bit of most of the characters in “Shooter” in my personality. I would say I am a fine rounded human who still has much to learn. I hope people who read this will be likely to understand me more and get a clear understanding of my personality. Since we have yet to finish the book, there are still many ways I can be related to these characters in the

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