Shooting An Elephant By George Orwell

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With power comes great responsibility. George Orwell is an extremely talented artist. I say artist not only because of his creative writing skills, but for the way he turns a simple story into a vivid motion picture. It isn't easy to describe a tale in such a way that it makes the reader feel as if they are present to the event; especially without using long, descriptive words that seem to create a cluttered mess of the sentences. Orwell's description of the elephant's death was excruciating and extremely hard to read. It felt entirely too real. I believe he did this to emphasize on the inhumane brutality at hand and the severity of his actions. It puts things in perspective on how the Burmese are being treated by British imperialism. "It was a…show more content…
The elephant that George shot has become the best metaphor I have ever read. Simple enough to get the point across yet, extreme enough to hit home. The elephant symbolizes the imperialism that has taken over this Burmese village. Both the elephant and the villagers have been have
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