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SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: THE SECOND AMENDMENT Although only one finger pulls the trigger in school shootings, there are many different components that lead up to that final twitch of a finger. To just blame the shooter does not look deeper into the issues that surround premeditated school violence. Was it the parents that pushed the adolescent over the edge? The teachers? The peers? The shooter himself/herself? All aspects regarding the student’s life must be considered. There can not possibly be one event that tips the scales. Most students that commit school violence endure years of being “pushed over the edge.” In reviewing multiple school shootings, a trend establishes. With respect to popular, well-known school shootings, students that committed these acts were introverted and possessed the characteristics of students who could commit on-campus violence. In reflection, school shootings led politicians to question current gun laws, as well as the controversial second amendment.
With the creation of the Second Amendment in the original Bill of Rights in 1776, the
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The view that it is the last protection between themselves and a tyrannical government is a common reason to withhold it, and that reason is completely viable, because starting to regulate gun control more now will only create a black market for the industry. The emphasis should be in heightening school safety, whether by adding metal detectors or just by hiring more security. Schools should focus on the key issue: prevention. Look for warning signs and make sure kids know they can confide in their school counselors.The second amendment reflects the common cliche “guns don’t kill people, people do.” If school systems can create ways to care for future school shooters through prevention, guns will become hunting stools and last resort protection rather than weapons of

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