Shooting Kabul Character Analysis

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In the book Shooting Kabul by N. H. Senzai, Fadi runs into some obstacles in his way of finding Mariam. One of the obstacles Fadi runs into is that he is discriminated because he is Muslim. Another obstacle Fadi encounters is money and that his family does not have a lot of it. One of the last obstacles Fadi runs into is the situation in Afghanistan. All of the obstacles Fadi runs into, slow him down from finding Mariam and bringing her home.
Throughout life, people are discriminated against. Whether it is about money, race, sex or religion people are, just like Fadi is. One time that Fadi is discriminated against is when Ike and Felix beat him up. Ike and Felix only beat Fadi up because he is Muslim, has a darker skin color than them and looks like a “terrorist”. That is discrimination because they treat him unfairly due to his religion and race. That is an obstacle in Fadi’s way to save Mariam because his camera is
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If there are 20 different crowds it is nearly impossible. One of the last obstacles Fadi has to face is the situation in Afghanistan. One example of the situation in Afghanistan being an obstacle is the fact that there are many refugee camps on the border of the country and they do not know which one Mariam is in, if any. That gets in their way because if they know which camp she is in it will be much easier to find her. The US bombing the Taliban also makes it harder to find Mariam because some areas are extremely dangerous to search in. Also, the bombs might injure or even kill Mariam; making the situation even more emotional for Fadi and his family. If Fadi and his family are not thinking clearly and they are stressed then they will not be able to find her. Lastly, the nonexistent government and the Taliban make it harder to find Mariam because there are no police to look for her. Even though this is one of the last big obstacles Fadi faces, it is not the last
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