Misconception About School Shooters

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I believe the biggest misconception I had about school shooters is their feelings, or what I assumed is a lack of. What I have learned about the feelings of school shooters is that there is typically a guiding factor or initial issue that festers in someone. Said issue causes this person or group of people to act out. From what I have observed, these students typically have the brightest futures yet remain the most misunderstood of all students. Most of these students who carry out shootings killing themselves in the end, giving them a lifetime worth of attention they were clearly seeking without any repercussions for their actions. The point I misconceived was the suicide itself, as I had always assumed these students planned on killing …show more content…

A close friend of mine, Ben was stabbed over twenty times by a student, Chad. Chad was headed to college with a promising future but decided it was more important to compromise everything he worked towards over a girl. Like I had said earlier in this assignment, there is often an initial problem that becomes the root of an act of school violence.
Thankfully, this incident was not with a gun. While Ben was never in a life-threatening condition, he required several surgeries and it took a significant amount of time before he felt safe enough to return to school. I have seen how a tragedy like this can hurt the victim, friends and family and an entire school system. This act was created with a specific target in mind and there were several warning signs that the school and friends of the attacker should have picked up on. He had given clues such as telling people to stay home from school and asked what would happen if a specific wing of the school was shut down. This incident was contained in under 6 minutes, but those 6 minutes continue to run through the minds of everyone who was effected that

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