Cause And Effect Of Mass Shooting

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Mass shootings plague the world to this day, claiming hundreds of lives in the deadly process. Some of the more infamous occurrences include the Columbine High School, Dawson College, and Sandy Hook shootings. Regardless of the devastation they each caused, a clear distinction lies between these and the dastardly crime claiming almost a hundred lives: Anders Breivik’s mass murders in Norway. For each instance mentioned, prosecutors, defenders, or even the murderer attempt to blame video games as the motivation to kill, particularly stating games such as DOOM, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Grand Theft Auto. Before delving into their motivation, the Connecticut tragedy must first be understood. In 2012, a man named Adam Lanza executed…show more content…
Not just once, but it almost became a routine: waking up to an empty home and a crime scene while falling asleep to the tears of their mother and slams booming from down the hall. By lacking a parental figure, the child sought out a new source to nurture them, which became the elderly neighbor. They get exposed to real world violence from the case of domestic abuse; their parents, who are supposed to guide them, set them on a downward track. Maybe by the age of fifteen, they could recognize what was wrong with it; though, we have no idea how old they are or how long this has been going on; in my mind when I wrote this, the child was around the age of seven. During these few years, the child’s mind is highly influenced by their surroundings—especially their…show more content…
With irresponsible gun owners and weak gun restrictions, the likelihood of an undiagnosed psychopath to purchase an automatic rifle and unload it on a public audience skyrockets. My proof of gun control’s effectiveness lies in the Pacific Ocean: Australia. Ever since their first major shooting, they refused to sell any more guns and offered a buyback to each citizen; ever since this law was put into place in 1996 after the Port Arthur incident, their collective death toll from massacres never reached anywhere close to our annual amount. Those who believe a black market will still dominate need to consider the real issue at stake here: the government is legally distributing them with a rather simple set of tasks to
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