Shop Class As Soulcraft Analysis

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1. The purpose of this article is to persuade the general public that not every high school student needs to strive to attend college because this will not only be a waste of time and money, but will also present them a career that they have trouble discerning the value of what they do. 2. The article does have a bias. Matthew B. Crawford believes that it is time to question what a good job appears to be like, both the security of the job and the worthy of being honored both considered as two key aspects. 3. In the book, Shop Class As Soulcraft: An inquiry into the value of work, Crawford traces the evolution of shop class and its immediate withdrawal from our educational system. He reveals how college preparatory education now works to produce…show more content…
In today’s society, not only are blue collar workers becoming more rare, many people are now aiming for the health field because of how seemingly stable the career is and its prospects. Within the past year, three whole pharmacy schools have open in California alone, which begs the question of what exactly is occurring in the economy right now. While there is a large supply of workers looking to find jobs, the demand is slowly but surely decreasing because many students are being pushed to aim for a “money-making” career as opposed to lower division ones. However, this would only lead to our downfall because just like how darkness is needed to complement light, we need people working as mechanics and plumbers to complement the ones working as lawyers and dentists. For there to be the existence of “good,” the “evil” must exist somewhere for the good to be promulgated. Otherwise, if society was to continue on this path of engendering pharmacists, doctors, and dentists without curtailment, those fields will eventually “crash” and many graduates fresh out of school will be left with a degree on paper that will barely serve to contribute to their earnings and well-being. Somewhere and somehow, an equilibrium needs to exist between people aiming to become blue collar worker and other endeavoring to work as an allied health professional. Without the equilibrium, the job economy will be found to be in a precarious situation where any move could result in a recession. People who do not need to attend college should not enroll in college and should stop with a high school diploma because continuing further on will only help to put the economy on the precipice of stability and

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