Shoplifting Speech

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Shoplifting Shoplifting is a serious crime. You are taking what is not yours; you are stealing from other people, which causes them tremendous harm. Have you ever asked yourself that question: what if I get caught? Don’t you ever think about your future? If you get caught, you will get arrested and go to jail. Don’t you know that you are going to have a police record, which would be like a sticker, and it will stick on you for the rest of your life, especially when you are a brown-skinned teenager or adult in the United States of America? Some of those teenagers still shoplift even though they have money in their pockets or in their purses. Maybe such behavior gives them some sort of power or something; who knows? They think they can steal and never get caught. Many of those teenagers become very addicted to shoplifting, especially those who never get caught. The thrill of doing the forbidden comes directly from Satan, and that’s exactly what drives those teenagers to do all these evil things. They get dressed every single day and go to the malls so they can shoplift. The urge becomes worse and worse, because if they steal and get away with it, they feel the urge to steal more; therefore, the urge becomes very powerful. Some of them became shoplifters for the simple fact that they got influenced by other teenagers (peer pressure to please so-called friends). And some of them learned it from their parents.

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