Shopping Frauds: Causes And Consequences Of Online Shopping Fraud

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Online Shopping Fraud
In general, online shopping fraud is define by the date that when someone buy the product or services and unfortunately are cheated into trusting that someone are sold the original product or services, but delivered a smaller quality of product or non-product, someone who is become a victim or target of online fraud. Therefore, online shopping fraud is a strong cut situation of cheating wherein someone is fooled by online seller or from websites. Besides that, the online shopping fraud happen when the cheater is pretend to sell a product or service very inexpensively to attract customers. Moreover, the innocent customers or first time purchasers regularly fall into that way and end up for gives the bank account details or credit card details to the seller. Usually, scammers or cheaters always misuse the details and cash money from the shoppers. Online frauds happened when online credit card fraud, online auction fraud, free stuff or the stuff that had been promote with many offers or get the many free gift and easy to keep on trust to the seller of the original goods although the goods is fake. On the other side, the ways to avoid the fraud case in online shopping are the customers or buyer need to get the details about the person that the shoppers deal with. It is because everyone can establish the online shop under the name of other person. Therefore, the shoppers need to confirm the physical address and phone number of the seller in case the

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