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The Service of Design
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Abstract— Service design is consider as a hot topic issue in service innovation. Studying the impact of adding a new e-business idea for a company how could make a difference.
1. What are the components of service design?
2. What are the online service benefits for the company services?

This paper propose the idea of having an online shopping service in a company industry to evaluate online shopping services. Our results shows the benefits of using such a service. We also discuss the difference between the online shopping service and not having in real practice of service specially in IKEA industry.

Keywords—Service Design ;Service
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novel service design is the previous position on service growth; on the other hand most of associated researches are hided on new service growth theory or other service researches. as no reject service design not only intends service providers to recognize how to present the service but customer also appreciate what service will have it . if not construction a communication channel to service provides and clients will enlarge successful prospect when induction the new services . The strategy of strategy, service design also make sure the consistence of purpose and improvement of rising direction on service and using strategic design add to whole competition .From literature review, three perspectives mostly examine service design. The original of service design was practical on animal background design, and the linear model was developed. The viewpoint that using customer supposed quality to explain service gap, and strive to find away key service process to improve original design concept is a alike viewpoint called process point of view on service design. The second point of view used strategic

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