Shopping Trumps Turkey Summary

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The article, “Shopping Trumps Turkey”, by Gregory Karp, argues between whether or not retailers should initiate Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day. Karp considers that retailers should not commence the sales a day earlier. I agree with the author, due to the fact that the retailers that begin the sales on Thanksgiving day are careless and greedy, along with commanding people to not spend time with their families. Clearly, retailers should not release Black Friday sales a day earlier. To start off, experts say that the saying of retailers opening because the consumers are asking them to is false. Some retailers start Black Friday sales earlier because of their intimidation of losing sales to others. Bill Martin, an advisor in major shopping chains, states, “We don’t think it’s the consumer saying ‘Open up earlier, open up more.’ We think it’s really the retailers trying to get at the wallet and pull them into the store - to get to the money before it’s all spent.” To clarify, Martin affirms that the…show more content…
However, shopping can lead to exhaustion, for you have to first find your needed items through crowds of people and then wait in long lines just to buy your items. Buying more and more items may add up to becoming expensive as well. Not to mention that after you shop, you would have to set up or store away everything that you bought before your guests comes over to celebrate. In conclusion, the discussion in the article, “Shopping Trumps Turkey”, by Gregory Karp, represents different opinions between whether or not retailers should continue releasing Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day. The author believes that the retailers should discontinue the opening. I agree with the author because family is much more

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