Short And Long Term Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Short and long term effects of teenage pregnancies.
Teen pregnancy has an impact on both short and long term. The short term cause does not concentration in school, activities, way of life and ashamed friends, others. The long term is dropping out of high school because of the need to care for themselves and their children.
First, the effects of teenage pregnancies are dropping out of high school, not available on teen pregnancy is a bad thing. Affect us in many aspects such as changing life from ever doing anything you don't worry, change is nothing to worry about your baby. The study resulted in a teen to drop out of high school as like according to Nipon said that “Drop out of high school means a student is missing from school systems,
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When you drop out of high school , you fail don't have opportunity everything you want, no good work and no future. When have sexual relations can infection AIDS, is a new disease and diseases don't have vaccines to treat. So means to AIDS protect is given knowledge about AIDS correctly for people everyone. For we practice no HIV infect because AIDS is a preventable disease based on the action itself. Abortion may occur from the intended and unintended, Abortion is a sad story of a woman who wanted to have children, so you have to take care of oneself and their children to have a good physical and mental health. Intentional abortion is bad and sinful. If you do not want have kids must know protect how for not have kids and don't have abortion occurred.

Problem of teenage pregnancy The issue is important and affects many. Such as Drop out of high school , AIDS/HIV and abortion, where each clause is a bad thing. Parents should take care to educate and mentor the youth. Most teens must know the restraint and conscious lifestyle. Only this problem of teenage pregnancy it become

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