Short Biography: Emiliano Zapata

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• Emiliano Zapata was born on August 8, 1879 in Anenecuilco, Mexico and died in April 10, 1919.
• He was arrested after protesting the hacienda that had taken his and other peasants’ lands. After he was forgiven, he kept encouraging the peasants to revolt
• In 1909 he was named “president of the board of defense for their village
• “In March 1911 Zapata’s tiny force took the city of Cuautla and closed the road to the capital, Mexico City.” Helping Francisco Madero. Afraid Porfirio Diaz ran to Europe and left someone else in charge. Zapata took advantage of this and took the city of Cuernavaca with 5,000 men. Madero entered Mexico easily becoming president
• Zapata thought he could encourage Madero to give the land back to the ejidos. Madero
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This said that Madero was not capable of keeping up with the revolution, and vowed to return the lands to the people it belonged to. This made the revolution begin again with a slogan Zapata had adopted, “Tierra y Libertad”
• As Zapata campaigned, he payed the ejidos with haciendas he had taken. The Zapatistas tried not to get in battles. They lived normal life’s but were always ready to fight. In order for Zapata to gather “thousands of men; he paid them by imposing taxes on the provincial cities and extorting from the rich”
• Madero was assassinated by Victoriano Huerta in February 1913. Zapata “surrounded” Mexico City preventing Huerta to send troops against northern guerillas. Huerta forcedly abandoned the country in 1914. Since Huerta failed, Zapata introduced his Plan of Ayala to Venustiano Carranza and told them that he was not going to rest until he saw that it was put into place.
• Carranza gathered all the revolutionary forces in Aguascalientes. The Villistas and Zapatistas were the two major groups and agreed to have Eulalio Gutierrez as their president
• Zapata sent his troops to take over Mexico City Carrancistas and the revolutionaries went to
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