Jeffrey Dahmer: A Famous Serial Killer

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Jeffrey Dahmer was a famous murderer from 1978 until 1991. During the time he was free he killed seventeen men by meeting them at gay bars, bus stops, and other places, promising them sex or money if they followed him home. Upon arriving to his house Jeffrey would give them drugs that were laced with alcohol before suffocating them to death. He would take pictures of the men after he killed them and proceeded to have sexual intercourse with their dead bodies. Dahmer went so far with these killings that he kept some parts of the bodies as souvenirs such as, their genitals, tongues, and skulls. It wasn’t until July 22, 1991 when Jeffrey was captured, after one of the men he was planning on murdering escaped and told police about the incident.
Dahmer was not always as twisted as he was when he was older. His childhood was full of people disliking him because he was strange. Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21, 1960 to parents Lionel Dahmer and Joyce Dahmer. Growing up people said that he was a happy and energetic baby until he was four years old. He had to undergo a double hernia surgery and came out acting like he was not himself. Around the age of fourteen was when Jeff started thinking of murder and when his parents were divorcing it was the breaking point for him to act on his thoughts and hurt other people rather than the road kill he would take. His first kill happened right after he graduated high
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He’s killed a lot of innocent people and if he wasn’t put away for life he would of kept killing. He was known for being an unusual child and after his arrest he is famously known for his killing spree and how brutally he murdered his victims. He did go to jail, received his punishment and ended up being murdered in prison. Dahmer was known as the “"Milwaukee Cannibal” because he would eat and rape his victims. Jeffrey Dahmer will always be known for his gruesome
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