Short Biography: Jimmy Carter

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Jimmy Carter lived in Plains, Georgia with his parent’s Earl and Lilian Carter. He has three siblings Gloria, Ruth and Billy. His family was taken care of by black families. Jimmy Carter understood the situation blacks were in because he spent some time in their homes and with their children. Their teenage years was when blacks and whites were separated. He joined the navy at 18, June 1943. He thought he was too thin, so he went on a banana diet. Rolled over coke bottles to strengthen his arches and went to college for 2 years. He was determined to join so he did anything in his power to do so. He wouldn’t give up. First one in his family to leave Georgia to further his education. He married Rosalynn Smith a month after his navy graduation. The relocated to…show more content…
Carter left the army and took over his father’s business as a peanut farmer. He ran for state senate, but lost because of Joe altering the votes. January 14, 1962 jimmy is sworn in as a Georgia senate.1966 after spending two terms for the senate, he ran for governor and lost leaving his brother Billy in charge of the business. He is the kind of man to never give up until he win so he ran for govern again. January 12, 1971 Jimmy was sworn in as governor of Georgia. December 1974, he announced he was running for president. He ran his campaign for a few years and was elected president in 1977. Before then, he was rarely known. Only a nine months in office, Carter was considered a wounded leader trying to gain confidence back in the people. Because he could not decide between helping a friend (Bert Lance) and protecting his career. May 22 1977 Carter revealed a new foreign policy for the USA. He signed a canal treaty with Panama. The people of Iran had taken a few Americans and held them hostage. He fired five people from the cabin and many saw him as unfit for the job. November 4, 1979 Iranian students marched to the embassy in Tehran threatening to take
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