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Louis Pasteur Your paper should contain relevant biographical details of your subject’s life, Biography Louis Pasteur was born in Dole, Jura, France on December 27, 1822 to Jean-Joseph Pasteur and Jeanne-Etiennette Roqui. He was the third among his siblings. His father served in the Napoleonic war as a Sergeant major. An average student with no special talents during his childhood. He liked to fish and Sketch people portraits. H e his contributions to medicine or the study of medicine, Fermentation Pasteur’s first contribution to medicine was the study of microbes. During the1850’s, a wine manufacturer approached Pasteur. His company produced alcohol from beet sugar using Fermentation. The process was not always successful since alcohol…show more content…
Anthrax was a dreaded disease with no cure. During the early investigation, it was discovered that there were relevant connections between anthrax and microorganisms. Pasteur was a keen observer. He used to keep track of small observations that he noticed. He eventually proved the relation between the anthrax bacillus and the disease by demonstrating the source from where the anthrax bacillus was frequently derived. He also distinguished the anthrax disease was different from the other diseases that resembled like the anthrax disease. He was also the one that found a remedy to the anthrax disease, vaccination. In the early days, scientist has proved that once an infections attacks the human body, the immune system responds to the change in the body. During the immune response, the body renders the disease and fights back. Small pox vaccine was a key example, where a weak strain is introduced into the human body and the immune system creates the appropriate mechanism to fight the strain. Using this idea, Pasteur proposed that if a milder version of the disease was introduced into the subject’s body, immune system will fight the disease and produce the proper fighting mechanism which could further help the subjects fight other diseases including the anthrax disease. He began to experiment on the few cattles in the field. This experiments looked promising. To further confirm his experiment, he decided to demonstrate the experiment in front of a public exhibitions where many powerful men including physicians, veterinarians, Senators, farmers and even the French Academy members were

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