Short Biography: Mishell Berenice Morataya Medina

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Mishell Berenice Morataya Medina MD, CCEP, CCRD, CCST Born: August 3rd, 1996 Guatemala Died: August 3rd, 2085 Georgia. “All things that have form eventually decay” - Masashi Kishimoto. Death has once again taken one of the living. It has seized life with its claws and taken it elsewhere. Mishell Berenice Morataya Medina, age eighty-nine, has passed away at Callaway Gardens resort, Pine Mountains, Georgia. She died peacefully during her sleep in the same time frame in which she was born. She did much to help those others during her lifetime; although she is now gone, her life-long achievements will never be forgotten.
Mrs. Medina was born August 3rd, 1996 in Guatemala, Guatemala, to Isabel Morataya Medina and Luis Fernando Morataya Chavez.
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Mercy Ships are vessels that are fully equipped hospitals that provide medical care to those who lack first rate medical care. She worked on that ship for seventeen years in total. She did not get paid for those services. She was part of the 450 volunteers that helped change people 's lives. She was part of a crew of professionals that brought with them hope and healing through their professions. She was part of a mission that saved the lives of over 80,000 people worldwide. This gigantic number included the rare case of a thirty-one year old woman named Amala Buhari. Amala suffered from an extreme form of kyphosis. A spinal deformation which caused her back to become permanently hunched, and restricted her ability to move. Amala was eight when she was first diagnosed with this condition; however because her parents could not afford medical care Amala was never treated. As Amala grew older, her back curved in more and more. After she gave birth to her second child, her spine curvature reached an astounding eighty degrees. Her back was extremely hunched and her neck was at an odd angle. This made it difficult for Amala to breathe. When Amala reached the hospital, she was near death. Her airway was almost completely blocked, and…show more content…
The novel detailed the importance of seeing people that look similar to oneself being portrayed in a positive light. Children grow up believing the stereotypes which movies pass on as truth. A study was conducted in a preschool that tested the correlation misrepresentation had with racial stereotyping. Children were shown images of African American males and Caucasian males. They were then asked to decide between the African American man and the Caucasian man who they believed was a criminal. Eighty-five percent of the children picked the African American man. The correct answer was the Caucasian man who was the Oklahoma City Bomber. When they were asked which man was a teacher, they all said it was the caucasian man. The children really were not at fault. The fault lies within media, for it enforces racial stereotypes. The good guys have a lighter complexion and the people with the darker skin are the bad guys. In this novel Mrs. Medina questions the lack of positive representation of people of color. Since her early youth Mrs.Mortayaya had noticed the lack of latino people on television. She noticed that Disney had princess of all races and backgrounds, but there was no latina princess. She yearned to live in a place where little children could go see a movie and see someone who looked similar
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