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Una Uddin’s life started on February 25, 1871 in Whitechapel district of London, she had big black eyes and her skin was as pale as porcelain. Daughter of Mary Ann Nichols and Arthur Uddin married for 35 years. She had a really bad childhood to say the least, she already knew her life was going to be miserable at a young age.
Her father tried to spoil her but he was never home he was always on business trips away from Whitechapel. But on the other hand Una’s mother was a cheating prostitute, who use to beat Una every time she tried to expose her for cheating. But there were layer to her, Mary husled her husband for rent money, but half of the rent money and all of the street money she swindled from unsuspecting men was spent on ale and beer. The only mother figure had was the mirror, and the women passing by the window. This is what caused her to grow up quick. Una also grew up to be antisocial and she started to write poetry because she found comfort in the works of Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare, she also found comfort in a music box her father gave her. All of this inspired her outfit choices as well, she wore all black and never wore an apron which was traditional at the time period. What was ironic about that is the she
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Seeing as around this time Jack the Ripper was at his peak. Jack the Ripper was a assumed surgeon who killed prostitutes with only relying on the blanket of night and the thick fog that consumed Whitechapel. Una sometimes fantasized that her mother was taken by Jack and ripped open, how there family would still function. But Una never meant it because her mother did protect her. Everytime Una went out during the day from more cloth people would push her around or make her feel bad and uncomfortable. But when her mother was around no one would mess with her and much less talk to her, which was the way the Una liked it. Her mother had some sort of control on
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