Short Biography: Thomas Edison's Career And Achievements

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Inventor, electricinist, and scientist are three words that describe Thomas Edison. Many people know that Thomas Edison was the inventor of the light bulb, but he was so much more. As a well known inventor, Edison showed Americans that electricity could benefit many people in their daily lives. His legacy showed everyone that hard work is never a waste. The origin of Thomas Edison’s call to change began when his mother started homeschooling him after he overheard his school teacher calling him addled. Edison’s family had a great impact on his career and achievements. Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio to Samuel and Nancy Edison. (Henstra, p. 98) He was the 7th and last child the Edison family would have. Before he was born, three of his older siblings had already passed away. (Dolan, p. 15) This age gap between his siblings would make him more independent and mischievous. His family…show more content…
He achieved so many things in his lifetime including the fact that his unexpected inventions earned him the title of “The Wizard Of Menlo Park”. (Markham, p. 88) He also received 1,093 patents for his inventions in his entire life! This is the most the US patent office has given to one single person. (Markham, p. 1) His achievements were some of the brightest moments of his life, but there were also some memories that were not so happy. While Edison was a full time inventor, he was hardly aware of the condition of his family until someone else told him. He finds out that his older brother Pitt died at the age of 59 broke and penniless in 1891 (Benge, p. 166) Then, only 5 years later in 92 year old father dies on February 26, 1896. (Benge p. 166) Edison never liked to be somewhere where there was a lot of emotion so he avoided his family at that time. These events are the most important moments in Edison’s
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