Short Biography: Zakk Wylde

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Zakk Wylde(Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt) was born on January 14, 1967 in New Jersey to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Wielandt. Zakk has one sister named Amy. Zakk’s friends and family call him “Flip” from his middle name Phillip. Zakk began playing the guitar at eight, but didn’t really get an interest in it till he was fourteen. He took lessons from his football coach 's son (“Zakk Wylde Biography”). By now Zakk had a serious interest in guitar. Zakk’s hasn’t really been involved in anything other than bands and music. He was was working at a supermarket, doing roofing, and playing in many bands when he graduated from high school. Zakk started to write his own songs and joined a band called “Zyris.” When he joined Zyris is when he started calling himself Zakari Wyland. Zyris…show more content…
After Ozzy fired Zakk he and Phil Ondich recorded what became Black Label Society’s debut album Sonic Brew. Together they decided that the album wouldn’t be another solo album for Zakk, but they would form a long term band. The band consists of Zakk Wylde- lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, and piano (1998-present). John DeServio- bass, backing vocals (1999,2005-present). Dario Lorina- rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2014-present). Jeff Fabb- drums (2014-present) (Wikipedia). And together the band was able to create the song “Time Waits For No One.” I couldn’t find anything on how popular the song was, but I did find that the album the song is on “Order of the Black”, and it was the number two album in 2010 (Billboard). The song “Time Waits For No One” uses figurative language to describe how time doesn’t wait for no one. Zakk uses personification when he says “Life closes tired eyes.” (ll. 2) what that means is you don’t know when your life will stop so don’t waste your time. Zakk uses personification in (ll. 3-4), “As hello turns its back and it greets goodbye.” By saying this I Zakk is trying to say that your life is no longer saying hello it’s now only saying goodbye, like it’s coming to an
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