Short-Cuts In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Register to read the introduction…Both of my parents have read the novel and enjoyed it, so it bothers me that this “proclaimed masterpiece has fallen prey to the short-cuts of Cliff’s Notes (source A). Several teachers find Cliff’s Notes a useful tool in teaching when student read them along with reading the actual novel but there lies the problem: students aren’t reading the novels, instead they are reading less (source E). By reading less of these novels, the students are fed an answer versus finding the answer on their own. As a student myself I find that students take these short-cuts because they finding reading novels boring busywork and by pass it to get to what they want to do, like watching sports or watching their favorite TV show. Once again we encounter short-cuts in the work. Every news show on T.V. is a summary of the facts with one or two opinions (Source C). The T.V. networks are taking this short-cut versus giving us the whole story: take ESPN as an example. Instead of watching ESPN I can watch the ESPN Bottom Line for 5mins and know who won every even from yesterday. How do we stop this short-cut society from doing this when we encounter short-cuts
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