Hattori Hanzo: A Great Leader

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Hattori Hanzo Essay
In ancient Japan, Hattori Hanzo was a samurai who saved the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu who was an important leader in his time. Did you know Hanzo was the most loyal samurai to Tokugawa? Hattori Hanzo was a samurai who served Tokugawa Ieyasu and he lived until the age of 55. Hattori fought his first battle at the age of 16. He survived many battles and lived a long life for a samurai. He was one of the best samurais in his era. Even though other people wanted his position, Hattori Hanzo was very loyal, was good at planning, and was successful at putting ninjas into service.
This loyal samurai was born in Mikawa Province and was known for his planning and strategy war. “During the Tensho Iga War, Hanzo planned a brilliant defense of the ninja homeland in Iga Province against Oda Nobukatsu in 1579” (Turnbull,S). This shows that he is known for planning strategies. This is important because it helps his clan to have a better chance of winning. “Hanzo is also a stoic enigma who desires for his master to rule” which was evident in his battles( need ). Hanzo was very loyal to Tokugawa is helpful with his lack of expression and his superior skills. This proves that his ability to be a powerful samurai was important to the success of Tokugawa. Since he
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“The most famous act he’s ever done was smuggling Tokugawa”(need). This shows how loyal Hanzo is to Tokugawa. Many people were jealous of his position because he was at the highest spot of the clan. “Masanari was the ninja who made the identity of Hanzo Famous.” “Hattori Hanzo earned the nickname Oni Hanzo he displayed fearless tactics during his operations (Samurai Archives).” Hattori Hanzo earned his nickname because he showed his master what impressive strategies he could do. In his battles he displayed many good tactics for defense and offense. He knew what and how to protect his people and attack the
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