Short Essay About Maya Angelou

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Who is Maya Angelou? Maya Angelou was primarily a very versatile and talented person. This woman of African American origin wrote and published seven autobiographies that were very popular and highly-evaluated in the US. However, she is well-known not only for being an author but also for being an actress, poet, dancer, and screenwriter. And of course we must not forget activism in the field of civil rights conducted by Maya. Being of African American origin and having a very difficult background full of discrimination and racial prejudice, Maya Angelou was then acting to protect and defend rights of other. All the set of activities she carried out just proves how important she was in terms of development of the America society. Where was …show more content…

Most people who are interested in her accept that the most important fact about her is her most significant published book, which is “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”. Other important facts about Maya are her birth and death dates, her ethnicity (African American), her language (English), and her occupation (author, director, civil rights activist, etc.). What is Maya Angelou famous for? Being person of great talent, Maya Angelou is renowned for plenty of activities. However, most people will remember her as the first black woman who became a renowned author USA. But it is not correct to pay attention to only her writing accomplishments. Apart from writing, Maya also succeeded as a civil rights activist, film producer, dancer, actress, professor, and in other fields. What did Maya Angelou accomplish? Most important accomplishment of Maya Angelou is writing of the book “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”. The book turned out to be the first nonfiction bestseller written by a woman of African American origin. Thanks to this book she became famous even outside the United States. When it comes to accolades, Maya Angelou received Audience Choice Award at the Chicago International Film Festival in 1998 and two NAACP Image Awards for her nonfiction

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