Nikola Tesla Short Biography

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Nikola Tesla
In Smiljan, Croatia, which at the time belonged to the Austrian Empire, Nikola Tesla was born. He was born the 10th of July 1856 in an educated family. His father was an orthodox priest, and his mother was an inventor. Tesla were obviously inspired to follow his mother’s feet. Today reckoned as one of the most inspiring and aspiring scientists of all times, especially in the fields of electricity. Despite his fame today, followed by the commercial, electrical car brand ‘’Tesla’’, museum, and statues around the world. Covering his early life, career, and fame, this is the short story of Nikola Tesla.
Tesla was born in an orthodox family. As in any other family back in the days, his father wanted him to follow his father’s feet, becoming a priest. Anyways, at the age of five, Tesla attended school, studying German,
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He earned a lot of money and turned out to be a wealthy man. Given the opportunity, Tesla helped building the first hydroelectric plant at the Niagara Falls and proved to the world that this type of electrical power was a practical energy source. The coming years, Tesla laid the foundation for X-ray experimentation. Tesla was the one to warn the world that X-rays could be dangerous, thus refusing to conduct medical experiments on any others than himself. Edison, believing that X-rays could work as a ‘’healing beam’’, he got right away on human trials with X-ray experiments. Ignoring Tesla’s warnings, he became the first to prove that humans could die by x-ray radiation. In the coming years, inventing new devices, nearly receiving a Nobel Prize, Tesla’s adventure ended. The stock market crashed, causing Tesla a mental breakdown. Tesla died broke and alone in a hotel room, feeding pigeons until his death in 1943. In one of his final interview, he revealed that he loved one of his pigeons as a man loved a

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