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Robben Island, located off the shore of Cape Town, was named as such by the Dutch explorers that encountered many seals on the Island. This Island was discovered in the year 1488 by a Portuguese explorer named Batholomeu Dias. There are a lot of history and stories to be told about this Island however, it’s most famous for the political prisoners that were banished there by the Dutch and British colonists, but especially the apartheid government from 1961 (Jacobs 1992). This essay will cover the brief history of Robben Island and its universal heritage values today, also the important reasons why it should be preserved for future generations.

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2.1 Historical Description of Robben Island

Robben Island have possibly
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This unique building style gives Robben Island some aesthetic value, thus these buildings should be protected against decay and demolition.
When standing on Robben Island and facing to Table Bay, one can see a very nice view of Table Mountain, Cape Town Waterfront and Cape Town harbour. This is an extremely beautiful view and adds a lot of aesthetic value to Robben Island.

2.2.3 Expediency

Robben Island attracts people from all over the world any time of the year because of its rich history, culture, beauty to the eye (architectural and natural beauty), the fact that it is a World Heritage Site and many other reasons. These tourists are a great long term financial investment to our country and thus adds expediency value to Robben Island. This also increases our economy and the quality of our lives in South Africa. A total of 218899 people has visited Robben Island with an average of about 618 people per day.
The property value of the buildings and structures on Robben Island increases by carefully protecting these old tangible heritage objects. These objects are protected by Act no. 25, the National Resource Heritage Act of 1999.

2.2.4 Cultural

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