Soccer Is A Sport Essay

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Soccer is a sport mostly known in others country as futbol. Soccer is one of the most popular sports played and watched internationally, and it’s one of the world’s fastest-growing sport. In the USA, the majority of the population knows very little about the sport.

The game of soccer started over 100 years ago. They used the game of rugby to associate and create something similar to the sport. In 1863, the Association Football was created in England. England was the first country to transition the sport; they were the first to come up with rules, such as wearing uniforms. By the late 1800’s, soccer began to spread in the rest of the world. However, soccer was not that popular until the mid-1900s. The game is played with your legs and feet; hands are not allowed. The only player that can use their hands to control the ball is the goalie. He can only use his hands
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In order to success we forget about the negative such as injuries and hope It never happens during our career, We also give our attention the most to the positive aspects. Some players play the game with less injuries. Some others are the opposite even though they are really talented; injuries keep slowing them down during their whole career. Soccer is unique in comparison to other sports, as it is the only sport in which participants purposely use their head to hit the ball. A soccer player can be subjected to an average of 6–12 incidents of heading the ball per competitive game, where the ball reaches high velocities. It mights as well cause head injuries. Some common injuries of soccer player are lower extremity injuries (sprains, strains, fracture; Overuse lower extremity injuries paint in the knee, shin splints. Upper extremity injuries these injuries usually occur from falling” (Effect of Soccer heading on Brain Structure and function
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