Cultural Influence In Ancient Greece

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Since ancient times, the Aegean Sea has been a centerpiece for much rich cultural influence. This influence is seen in our architecture, exotic foods, old pottery, myths, and other things that have lasting effects on us. This fabulous place of mystery and wonder is what gives us most of our picture of Greece, Crete, and other surrounding islands: crystal clear, sparkling water around beautiful islands with lush green landscapes and ruins of old. In this project, I have delved into this and have come back with knowledge and connections of how Greece became the true birthplace of the West. Smaller islands, such as Santorini and Patmos, have been quiet in modern times but active in eras previous. They were at the spot of the revelation to…show more content…
Despite its slight ritual differences, it is considered in accord with its sister in the west. The monastery has the bones of Saint Thomas the Apostle, or “Doubting Thomas,” as he at first questioned Jesus’ rising from the dead and said he would not believe until he saw and felt Jesus’ wounds. The monastery has a larger collection of other bones, including all of their monastery heads throughout its history. The island was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother, in the revelation, so the island does not allow women in contact with its soil.
The Profitis Ilias monastery is the largest on Santorini. The island used to have a smaller island in the middle, but it has been surrendered to Mother Nature. The port is called Scala, and the capital is Fira, located at the top of a 600-step marble staircase. Santorini has thirteen villages and 6,000 citizens. The most popular attraction is the beautiful sunset. You can also visit the Nautical Museum as well as the Dominican Friars monastery. Profitis Ilias also has an attraction of an antique shop and a relic
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It is a place of learning, majesty, and sheer beauty. I have been privileged to take part in something so grand in my studies. In my opinion, everyone should take part in this information so they can see it as I did. I have learned about many legends in finding out the background history of the islands of Patmos and Santorini, as well as the rest of the Cyclades. It was an experience of becoming part of the tradition. I learned about stories of old and the history of it all, as well as the modern culture of communities such as Oia and the monasteries that were part of this project. I hope that, through this, you have come to recognize everything that I have found in the same wonder as I. I have learned also about how the Western world was influenced by this. Our myths that we tell children for entertainment or lessons and government are very good examples. Not only the Aegean Sea culture but all of Greece up until Roman occupation was part of this influence. It was amazing to see every single connection that was
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