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Wedding Photography Tips Ideas For Photographers Marriage forography has some similarities with portrait photography, but there is a different kind of wedding photography is a series of images that can tell from the beginning of the procession until the end of the wedding procession. Pictures of what we will put on the front of the album up to the rear of the back should really we think well. Wedding photography will always involve the groom, the woman, the family and the guests who come. Capture the moment of marriage is certainly not a play thing because the moment only lasted once in a lifetime. Some basic knowledge we need to master, some very common mistakes we also need to avoid. Here are some wedding photography tips for us to get a captivating image in a very special moment:…show more content…
Use a Telephoto Lens. Always keep an eye on the camera in close proximity can disturb the comforts of both brides. With their telephoto lens they will not be disturbed and will be more able to expel natural expression than always aware of the position of the camera. 200mm telephoto lens will be very suitable especially if the lens has a wide aperture openings it will be very useful even in low light conditions. 50mm prime telephoto lens will also work very well because it has a wide aperture opening so as to produce a narrow depth of field. This lens is also very good in low light conditions and included in the category of fast lenses, especially in the business of focusing. Some of the most popular lens models for wedding photos include: Canon zoom lens 24-70mm f / 2.8 and 70-200mm f / 2.8. Both of these lenses are certainly very expensive and is meant for professionals. The reason for choosing the lens is because its focal length range is wide enough and only by carrying 2 lenses then all the focal length needs will be fulfilled. In addition, the advantages are also generated by wide aperture openings. Prime lens 35mm and 85

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