Informative Essay On Puppys

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Puppies are sweet and adorable. When you see one you just want to cuddle. You bring your new puppy home and you are thrilled. This euphoria lasts for a few days. Then reality sets in. This cute, cuddly, adorable puppy is going to turn your life upside down. It will take over your life. For the most part you won't mind. The love that you get back makes it all worth it.

Before you can begin to train your puppy, you must train yourself. Many owners have a tendency to let puppies get away with a lot more than they should. It is important to remember that one day this tiny puppy, is going to be an adult dog. Puppy training should start from the day you bring the puppy home. You have to be firm, consistent, and calm.

Puppy biting is a fact of life.
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Another symptom is drooling. Your puppy will also begin losing teeth. A puppies milk teeth get replaced by adult teeth. While small puppies are chewing machines, the teething stage can last for the first year of the dog's life. This is often unwelcome news for the pet owner who is tired of finding so many chewed up objects. There is good news though. You can help your puppy to be more comfortable, and you can save your treasures.

Your puppy is not being
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Soft stuffed toys with squeakers in them are often favorites. Especially for young puppies. As your dog gets older you may want to switch to a sturdier more substantial chew toy. There are several sizes of indestructible chew toys. If you have a breed of dog grows to be large, and strong, you should look for one of these rubberized toys that are not as easily chewed up. Braided rope toys are also fun for the teething puppy. They also provide a good opportunity for some interaction between dog and human. Most dogs love a good game of tug of war. A wet washcloth that you put in the freezer can comfort your puppy during the most painful
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