Short Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Social media has become a global event and a very important tool of communication among peers, families and all manner of persons. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter,instagram, LinkedIn and mobile instant messaging services (IM) such as WhatsApp, Viber and IMO and video calling services like Skype have become a popular tool of communication in the past few media as “a public web-based service that permits users to create a personal profile, identify other users with whom they can relate to or have a connection with, read and react to posts made by other users on the site, and send and receive messages either privately or publicly.” Social media as “virtual communities where users can create individual public profiles, interact with…show more content…
The social networking sites focus heavily on building online communities with common interests or activities. Social networking sites also can help students develop leadership skills, from low-level planning and organizing to activities that promote social change and democratic engagement. Social media tools and networking sites encourage students to engage with each other and to express and share their creativity and activity. Such personal interactions are vital to creating and sustaining a sense of belonging. As there are positive as well as negative effects of social media. IV. Positive and Negative impact of Social Media in education Over the years many studies have been conducted and social media has indicate both positive as well as negative impact on the Education of the students. I. The Negative: 1. Many students depends on the accessibility of information on social media specifically and the web in general to provide answers. That means a reduced focus on learning and retaining
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