Short Essay On Bessie Coleman

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Bessie Coleman died doing what she loved as the first African American pilot to get their pilot 's license. She was born on January 26,1892, in Atlanta,TX. She is part African American and part Cherokee. She was the 10th out of 13 children to her mother Susan and her father, George Coleman. After 17 years of marriage, her father left her family because of all the immigration going on in the area and moved to Oklahoma.Her brothers left as well, leaving her mother and her four sisters. Her mother tried her best to support the children. Once they were old enough, they all worked as sharecroppers, and helped harvest the cotton in their cotton farm.When Bessie turned 12, she accepted the Lord at Missionary Baptist Church in Texas. After Bessie graduated from high school, she traveled to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma Colored Agricultural school and Normal University school. She had been saving up money for a while but was only able to complete one term because she did not have enough money to continue another term. Later on she decided to move…show more content…
She took a year off from flying to recover.On April 30,1926, she died while doing a test flight before a sponsored show by Negro Welfare league in Florida. Twelve minutes into the flight,the plane did not pull a nosedive as planned due to a loose wrench that was jammed in the plane 's controls. Bessie was not strapped in, and flew out of the plane 1,000ft and died. Her publicity agent who was flying the plane died when the plane hit the ground. Bessie will be remembered for her good work and accomplishments.In 1977 a group of African American female students in aviation training in India organized a Bessie Coleman aviators club. In 1990 a street located in Chicago was renamed Bessie Coleman Drive. May 2, 1992 was named Bessie Coleman Day in Chicago to recognize Bessie for her great achievements that she had accomplished in her
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