Persuasive Essay On Blood Donation

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In daily life, illnesses and unexpected accidents are inevitable. Some diseases or wounds can be cured straightforwardly. However, some diseases or wounds have a big influence to the body that patients have to remove or replace their body’s parts. This might causes the loss of a considerable amount of blood and may lead to fatality of human. As a result, blood donation becomes one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards the society. Blood donation, also known as blood banking refers to the process of collecting, testing, preparing, and storing whole blood, the blood donated intended primarily for transfusion. Blood donors are frequently unpaid volunteers, however they also can be paid by social organizations or…show more content…
Thus, blood donation expresses the humanity of society. In addition, with the advancement of modern medicine, blood donation process is very safe. Before donating blood, donors have to do a mini-physical check-up and are asked various questions to ensure that they are eligible to donate for hospitals or blood banks besides the equipment used in blood donation process are germ-free and disposable (Peter Gregutt L. Lee Culvert. 9 Jul. 2008). Therefore, the risk of getting diseases to blood contributors via transfusion has been considerably diminished. Further, if lucky, some unknown-illness of donor’s body can be found out and have an opportune intervention. However, some people claim that donating blood is painful and it makes they feel weak and dizzy hence, they afraid of donating blood. However, to the best of my knowledge, it is just a temporary feeling. Before taking donor’s blood, doctors often inject a little amount of anesthetic into donor’s body to decrease the painfulness and make the donor feel comfortable. After the process, volunteers will get special care from the social organizations and some advices from doctor to make sure that the donor’s body can quickly recover and do not have any threat to the metabolism of the
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