Short Essay On Broken Family

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Living mindful of your surrounding in a world that is very diverse is such a difficult thing to do. We usually meet a lot of different kind of people—a traditional person, a religious one, a racist, a neurotic, a perfectionist, and a long list that follows. Generally, we meet people everyday who are very different in terms of their background and personalities that made it back-breaking to maintain good human relations or “pakikipagkapwa-tao”. Add up to that, individually, we all have our own distinct behaviors. Imagine combining different wild animals in a single habitat. It would be very chaotic like a ragtag of human beings. It takes great understanding and consideration to maintain harmony between people. One needs to have social imagination…show more content…
But when the time came wherein I knew quite a number of people experiencing the same thing, I realized that broken family is not distinct nor a strange thing. It is actually one of the biggest issue that the society is facing right now. Broken family is a result of family crises. It is not just mere separation wherein family members live afar from home. It’s a separation wherein a family member completely cut his/her ties from the rest of the family. The sad thing about this issue is that the children are the most affected. When the separation of the family happened earlier, children tend to grow up with a sing parent or sometimes without even one. Their foundation as a child is so fragile; when they are faced with difficulties, they are prone in choosing the wrong decisions. “Children tend to have a hard time dealing with change. When a parent leaves the family, a stepparent joins the family, or the child doesn't feel like their emotional needs are being met by their mother, they may express feelings of anger, resentment, confusion and jealousy. This can bring on loneliness, isolation, depression and low self-esteem if children don't know how to express their feelings properly.” (Bigner,
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