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Bunk beds are the kind of beds that are space efficient and it is structured in a way that one bed is fixed on another bed. These beds are often double and triple stacked. They are very space efficient and they maximize space in your room. They are often made of wood and are very strong when it comes to carrying weight on top of another bed. Bunks beds for kids are great. If you have, small room and two kids are living in the same room. Then, instead of putting a mattress on the floor, you should put a bunk bed in the room. That way both the kids get the bed and both are equally happy. These bunk beds come in different styles; they have four pillars to hold the beds in parallel. They have a ladder to go to the upper part of the bed. In addition, both sides of the beds have railing, in order to prevent the sleeper from falling. These beds are very comfortable; you can put any kind of mattress that you feel suitable and comfortable. You can also put customizable spring…show more content…
This bunk bed consists of two equally sized beds stacked over each other. Another from is twin bed, this bed consist of a bottom full sized bed and an upper win sized bed. There are also triple bunk beds consisting of three equally sized beds staked over each other. They are very safe and are designed to carry major weights. The safety is very important when it comes to bunk beds, because both the top and bottom beds are carrying unbalanced weight. There are some bunk beds for kids that come with a furniture accessory. These beds have stairs in shape of drawers. In that way, you can put bed sheet, blankets or anything under those stair drawers. These drawers are very strong and spacious and are designed like stairs. There also some bunk beds, that instead of having rods under the bottom bunk, they have used the capacity for drawers. They made drawers under the bed. it is a very thoughtful idea and you don’t have to buy a stake of drawers

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