Short Essay On Carjacking

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Vehicle hijacking is a crime. Carjacking is seen as an unprovoked violent attack that can happen to anyone driving a vehicle. The crime is the stealing of a motor vehicle.
It’s had to know what the carjacker is thinking some of these people have gone through rough patches in life they may also have long criminal history. When your vehicle is being hijacked the hijacker is usually in control of the whole situation. The hijacker being in control of the situation makes him feel powerful knowing he is in charge and can command you to do whatever he wants you to do. Carjacking can happen anywhere, anytime. But the highest incidents of carjacking occur in large, heavily populated cities, in quiet areas, along the street, in garages, parking areas, near
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Criminals know we will get out to exchange insurance information, no matter how minor the incident is and this is good for carjacking.
Carjacking have traumatized the lives of many people, till this day People who have experienced carjacking situations sometimes never wants to drive again
Transport Hijacking
This is when the hijackers know what type of vehicle they want for the type of crime they want to commit like moving goods, illegal substances, robbery or smuggling. So ones they find the vehicle they target and hijack it. The vehicle is later abandoned and parts of the vehicle taken away.
The showmanship hijacker
This type of hijacking is usually driven by gangs or crime syndicates to initiate or show off to new members with a hijacking exercise. Usually they don’t need the vehicle as the hijacking serves as a platform for ego-driven bravado.
Operational hijacking
The perpetrators are more organised and connected with people in the automotive underworld.
They arrange trades for entire vehicles and car parts or sell their loot for cash.

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