Persuasive Essay On Catfishing

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When it comes to internet trends, catfishing is a relatively old phenomenon. But despite being old news on social media, it has yet to make any significant impact on the lives of lawmakers - barring a saucy few - so there aren’t really any laws forbidding it.

Recently, a Canterbury woman by the name of Anna Rowe, herself a victim of catfishing, has been calling for internet masquerading to be made a crime. She has already faced a couple of bumps in the road - the term “catfishing” is not officially recognized, which makes outlawing it a challenge - and is likely to face a couple more as her campaign moves forward, but with more millennials obtaining high positions in society every day, the odds appear increasingly in her favor.
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In most countries, the decision to vaccinate one’s children lies with the parents alone and although doing so is encouraged, it isn't mandatory. Expect this to change over the next couple of years as the deaths associated with the anti-vax movement and its teachings continue to rise across the world.

Plastic Bags

In the short-term, plastic bags are far more convenient than their paper alternative, but the long-term effects they have on the planet and its inhabitants far outway any immediate pros they may offer. Plastic bags take years to disintegrate once they are discarded and, when they finally do, they release toxic chemicals into the soil, damaging insects, plants, and the wildlife that feed on them. Many plastic bags find their way to the ocean, where they trap fish and strangle larger sea creatures.

Governments around the world have attempted to discourage their shoppers from using plastic bags by putting a small tax on them. Kenya went quite a few steps further by introducing a four year prison sentence for the selling and using of plastic bags. Extreme as that punishment may be, discarded plastic bags are now a rare site in Kenya, so expect other countries to follow suit in the coming

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