Grandparents On Christmas Day Essay

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Seeing your grandparents on Christmas day for me is the best gift of all. Ever since my mom and my aunt got into a big argument after grandma went into the hospital our family has never been the same. With my grandma in the hospital and my grandpa not doing good health wise everything was so stressful for my family. We knew that my grandpa had dementia because my other grandpa has it. My aunt thought there was nothing wrong with my grandpa and blamed it all on my mom why this stuff was happening. How grandpa couldn’t even do normal functions anymore by himself. My mom and my aunt have not spoken since their big argument. If we don’t settle something now I will not get to see them for Christmas. Knowing my aunt she will inivite my grandparents over to her house so that we do not get to see them on Christmas. I will see my grandparents thru making plans and talking out our family problems. One way that we could make sure that both sides…show more content…
My grandparents will be upset and most likely me and my brother will not get to see our grandparents on Christmas. If we were to do one of these soultions we will all get to see our grandparents at some point in time during Christmas. We all want to see our grandparents on Christmas so we need to do something about my aunt and my mom fighting and resolving their problems so we can have a good Christmas with my grandparents. Either if we plan to go at difrrent times or we go all at the same time we need to plan something out so that we all get to see my grandparents. I really hope my mom and my aunt can figure something
Smith 3 out for this chritmas because I would be very upset about not seeing my grandparents on a very special holiday. So with doing either of these solution I hope that I will get to see my grandparents on Christmas thru either making palans to go up on different days or my mom and my aunt talking their problems
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