Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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The teacher is a decision maker and a change factor in the classroom management. The successful teacher is who knows well the characteristics and needs of his students.His knowledge of his students makes him manage his classroom by a way of cooperation. That helps him make every student as an effective member who has a rule fits him at class.I think classroom management is an art and a science in the same time. It is an art because it depends on the personality of teacher and his behavior with his students, too. Classroom management is also a science because it is a group of behaviors which the teacher uses to create a proper educational environment to achieve desired aims.
In my opinion, classroom management is the backbone of teaching and
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All teachers see that managing the classroom is a challenge they must face, and the actions and decisions a teacher takes in this area are extremely influential.
First, we should ask ourselves: What is the definition of classroom management? I can say that it is a group of activities and good humane relationships which help to create an effective educational and social atmosphere.In this essay, I discuss different aspects of classroom management which I currently use in Egypt and specify classroom management challenges I anticipate to have in my U.S. host school and how I will adapt my classroom management style to address those challenges and to keep my U.S. students engaged in learning Modern Standard Arabic.
I am going to mention some classroom management techniques which I currently use in Egypt:
**Planning: First, I form and prepare the desired aims. I also draw the strategies suitable for lesson and save the proper activities.
**I create a safe learning environment.I think that a classroom is a tiny universe, so I establish a classroom culture in which students are required to respect one another to get to a successful
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I use it to transform a student's image, uplift the entire class, and reinforce the values which I seek to promote in my classroom and the school community.
**Variety is the key to engaging students. I believe that variety adds pep and energy to a class. To get a
Successful Classroom Management, I offer a comprehensive list of options I can incorporate into their lesson plans. There are many examples show variety such as small group projects, role-playing, journaling, fishbowl discussions, skits, partner discussions and debates.
**I establish the expectation that everyone must participate in class every day. It comes from my belief that speaking is a very important life skill which only improves with practice. I recommend informing students early on that they will be expected to participate every day. Offering positive feedback about a student's comment can encourage future participation, particularly among shy students.
**Supervision and follow up:These are procedures which I use that help to control classroom and keeps regulation inside it.
**Assessments should look forward only. The aim of assessments should be to redirect a teacher's
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