Managed Hair Essay

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Damaged Hair
Split ends have to be the bane of all us attempting to grow our hair longer. It seems like everytime we turn around, we have to trim our hair again. Though we know this will eventually help nourish our hair more and produce greater length, the waiting game is a difficult one. Thankfully, that’s where coconut oil comes in. Coconut oil is enriched with vitamins, fatty acids, and protein--all of which are necessary for helping your hair’s growth. When you apply coconut oil to your hair, the oil penetrates your hair shaft down to the follicle, coating it with the fatty acids and protein it needs to repair any previous damage.

As the coconut oil helps with split ends, in time, hair growth is typically a visible result. Your trips
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Once the time is up, wipe away the excess oil with a cloth and use a soft brush to comb through their hair, removing any remaining skin flakes. Repeat as needed, though hopefully with continued uses, the need for treatments will lessen.

Hair Conditioner
Whether you are on a coconut oil kick, forgot to pick up more conditioner, or you’d simply just like to see how it works out, this oil can be used in place of your regular conditioner! Typically, coconut oil is used as a deep or leave-in conditioner, oftentimes overnight, however, it can also be used shorter-term as well.

After shampooing as usual, start with about a nickel-sized amount of oil, and begin working it into your strands. Begin at your roots as you would with your usual conditioner and initially focus on just massaging it into your scalp. Once you’ve massaged your entire scalp, start pulling the oil through the rest of your hair, being sure to cover it all. If needed, use more oil, especially if you want to hydrate your dry ends. Leave it in for the rest of your shower, and thoroughly rinse at the end. Your hair may even be shinier than usual after this

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